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Page Break Media partners with Nara Morrison to Produce Innovative Stress Management Videos.

Page Break Media, a creative media marketing agency known for its unique storytelling and cinematic approaches, are delighted to announce its collaboration with another Aberdeen & Grampian Chamber of Commerce member Nara Morrison, a renowned Psychotherapist and Stress Management Coach.Together, they have embarked on an exciting project to film a series of stress management videos for a comprehensive stress management online course.


In today's fast-paced world, stress has become a never-present challenge for many individuals. Recognising the importance of effective stress management, Page Break Media teamed up with Nara Morrison, who brings a wealth of expertise and knowledge to the subject. Throughout the collaboration, Nara's optimistic, kind, and cheerful demeanour made the filming process seamless, creating a comfortable environment for everyone involved.


The stress management videos were filmed on a green screen, allowing for the exploration of various scenarios and techniques to help individuals effectively manage stress. By blending Page Break Media's exceptional filmmaking skills with Nara's expert insights, the videos promise to be a valuable resource for individuals seeking practical solutions to cope with stress.


"We are thrilled to have collaborated with Nara on this project," said Michael Silva, a Director at Page Break Media. "Her expertise in stress management is exceptional, and her approach resonates perfectly with our mission to create impactful and meaningful content.Together, we've crafted a series of videos that we believe will be instrumental in helping people navigate stress in their lives."


“Recording my course with Michael, Richard and the rest of the production team was such a pleasure,” said Nara Morrison. “They know their professional stuff. But in addition to that, they also made sure I felt comfortable with the camera and enjoyed the experience. They are a friendly and fun team, they made sure I knew what to expect, solved issues immediately and made the process look easy. I am so grateful that we worked together on this project as they made the recording of the stress-related course stressless”.


While the stress management course is not yet live, PageBreak Media and Nara Morrison are eagerly preparing to share these valuable insights with the public. The course will be available soon on Nara's website, where individuals can access expert guidance on managing stress and achieving a healthier, more balanced lifestyle.


For more information about Nara Morrison, please visit


You can also visit for more info on the upcoming series.

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