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Episode 5 - Audio Ducking

In this fifth episode, we learn how Premiere Pro can automatically adjust your volume when you have overlapping dialogue and music tracks through Audio Ducking.

Now, in our fifth episode, get ready for the power of Audio Ducking!

This feature automatically adjusts the volume for overlapping dialogue and music tracks, creating a harmonious balance in your videos.

Video Transcript

Let's learn how to audio duck in Premiere Pro

Step 1.

Head on over to workspaces and select Audio.

Step 2.

Then highlight your dialogue tracks and select the appropriate tab in workspaces.

Do the same for music.

Step 3.

Head down to Ducking and click the checkbox. Make sure your music will duck against dialogue.

Step 4.

Select Generate Keyframes.

Step 5.

PremierePro has now adjusted your volume to make sure your dialogue is being heard.

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