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Edit like a pro

Episode 2 - Scene Edit Detection

In our second episode, we dive into the fascinating world of scene editing!

Say goodbye to manually cutting each scene individually and hello to Premiere Pro's powerful scene edit detection function! Discover how to effortlessly recut old footage, saving you valuable time and streamlining your editing process.

But the journey doesn't end here! We have more incredible episodes lined up just for you. Follow us to stay in the loop and unlock a treasure trove of editing wisdom!

Video Transcript

Have you got an old edit that you want to rearrange or even just use as individual scenes?

Stop wasting your time by cutting each scene manually.

Step 1.

Right click and select ‘Scene Edit Detection’.

Step 2.

Select the box for ‘Apply a cut at each detected cut point’.

Step 3.

Click on Analyze and Primary Pro will review the footage and will start cutting.

Just like that, your footage is now ready for that next edit.

Now go create some magic.

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