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Cinematic filming with fellow Chamber member Forrest Training

Recently, the team at Page Break Media partnered up with fellow Aberdeen & Grampian Chamber of Commerce members Forrest Training to produce a short narrative film promoting the importance of first aid training and to raise awareness of the uncertainty we face with our health on a day-today basis.

The video focuses on a group who attend a first-aid course at Forrest Training, but there’s something unexpected awaiting around the corner for one unlucky participant.

After suffering a cardiac arrest, our main character is fighting for his life, but can anyone save him?

The amazing team at Forrest Training Ltd provide training across Scotland and specialise in social care and health care related training, with over 20 years’ experience in the sector.

Like Page Break Media, Forrest Training provides a service that is never dull, never boring and never forgotten.

Read our full case study on this project here.

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